Custom App Development

Microsoft SharePoint is primarily used as an enterprise document management system, but it also allows developer functions in the advanced DotNet architecture. In fact, the integrated features of the premium enterprise tool also allow app development functions. These intranet apps can be deployed in the MS Office architecture of your company to enhance the utility and streamline the workflow.

Developers can create apps in any digital language protocol including JavaScript, PHP, and HTML. Of course, by default you can also develop apps using the DotNet framework. App development tools include MS Visual Studion 2012 or the web-based Napa, for developing apps on the Office 365 protocol. Another key feature of app development in SharePoint is the cross-tier compatibility of the platform. Instead of using the same general tool, a programmer can execute different tiers of the app in varied programming languages.

The app lifecycle incorporates high levels of flexibility, as procedures for installing and uninstalling the applications from the SharePoint store are very simple. Besides publishing on the community SharePoint store, you can also publish internally in the App catalog of your licensed enterprise edition. At Adrem, we handle all kinds of SharePoint app development work in your preferred coding language.

Key Features

Authorized assistance

Only certified partners of Microsoft have the authority to access app development, publication, and maintenance. We deliver effective authorized assistance in app development on the DotNet protocol.

Customizing SharePoint

The user interface of the system is based on the highly familiar MS Office interface. You can customize the familiarity effectively by developing apps on SharePoint.

Integration facilities

You can effectively integrate internal and external components of the SharePoint framework in the apps. Besides the internal intranet applications, developers can also create standalone apps for Office and publish it in the SharePoint store.

Effective automation

Apps introduce flow to the Office system by effective automation. Automatic functionalities compress the work process by accomplishing elaborate tasks according to a pre-defined protocol. You can create automatic forms, predefine workflow steps, and create auto assembly with document generation.

Key Benefits

  • Boost up the efficiency of your people whilst streamlining operations
  • Team collaboration becomes highly effective as it reduces the time of the projects
  • Complete access of information is possible due to proper content management system
  • Centralized communication platform is available for teams that work in the remote places
  • Secure transfer of data from different systems is possible


The customized applications require DotNET developers so that you can get the perfect solution for your business. At Adrem, we have the right team to help you transition to Share Point keeping in mind your organization’s needs and simultaneously maintaining your systems. We are experienced in undertaking extensive SharePoint Application Development for our clients and we follow stringent professional guidelines to equip our clients with a comprehensive solution that is customized to their requirements.