Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Retail

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps retailers develop compelling product and service offerings, create and manage a customer loyalty program, and optimize client management life cycle to drive more business success. By sharing real-time information across different departments and systems, Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps staff deliver better customer service and support. With quality information about every customer, businesses can combine the personal touch with efficiency leading to better customer experience, more customer loyalty, more customers, and more profits.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help retailers in increasing their customer focus, improve brand experience and cross and upselling opportunities by approaching customers personally via online and social media. Besides marketing, big data and promotions management functionalities, Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers retailers extended support for customer service and responding adequately to questions or complaints.

The latest Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows retailers to gain a deeper understanding of their audience, enabling more effective marketing campaigns to drive customer loyalty and customer lifetime value.

At Adrem, we help the retail industry develop custom Microsoft Dynamics solutions, giving retailers with a single unified view of their business that facilitates well informed and responsive decision making. 

Key Features

  • Omni-channel customer engagement: Build connection with your e-commerce platform, website, store software, social media and mobile apps.
  • Loyalty programs: Develop customer centric loyalty programs.
  • Marketing automation: Leverage your sales potential with effective campaign and marketing.
  • Integration with enterprise systems: Connect your CRM with the shopping cart, ERP, order fulfilment and other systems
  • Analytics and reporting: Make informed decisions using data-rich analytic dashboards and reports.
  • Help desk integration: Make your support services connected at all levels (live chat, email, call center) with instantly retrieved, comprehensive customer details.


Benefits of CRM in your Retail business

  • Improved customer experience and satisfaction
  • Personalize service, optimize marketing, build loyalty and improve customer relations
  • Grow profitability: Analyze customer information to optimize marketing efforts
  • One centralised source of information
  • Improved communication, and better understanding of customers
  • Better targeted marketing campaigns
  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Dynamic marketing lists, ensuring that campaigns always include the right customers
  • Real-time reporting and dashboards accessible across the entire organisation
  • 360 degree view of each customer. View each customer's full history instantly
  • Integrated customer service ticketing and complaints management
  • Single window customer view and social engagement