CONTROL - Budgeting & Performance Management

CONTROL® delivers a holistic corporate performance management solution that brings together financial and operational data from many disparate sources and applications into one authoritative view of the business. It eliminates the problems associated with tying together and maintaining separate financial systems, paving the way for strategic, competitive, sustainable, decisive and actionable decision making.


Budgeting module eliminates the troubles associated with traditional spreadsheet budgeting and goes beyond the limited capabilities of conventional budgeting software and decision support tools.

Key features:

  • Familiar Excel-based data entry and review
  • Budget by sub-account, subsidiary model, or support budget values with ad-hoc scratchpads
  • Common, and shared multi-dimensional database
  • Bottom-up or top-down entry with Solve and Lock functions
  • Extensive large scale data manipulation capabilities:
  • Spread/Load, Allocations, and Copy/Modify
  • Built-in spreading and trending based on standard or historical patterns
  • Automatic solving of simultaneous equations
  • Tracking of commentary and hyperlinks to support planning assumptions and rationales
  • Unlimited scenarios with easy copying, factoring and comparison
  • "No programming", Auto-Generated Forms for quick deployment of budget submission templates


Planning module uses a cohesive framework to see the big picture, weigh the benefits, risks, implications of various options and determine the best course of action.

Key features:

  • Ability to construct modular, inter-related multi-dimensional models
  • Extensive and comprehensive financial calculation library with Excel-like syntax
  • Automatic detection and solution of simultaneous equations
  • Dynamic data flow between models
  • Effortless scenario management and comparison
  • Easy-to-use large-scale data manipulation for modifying assumptions
  • Alternate hierarchies and “derived scenarios” to apply different modeling logic to the same base data
  • Simple mapping of external data as drivers (volumes, prices, inventory levels, etc.)
  • Tracking of commentary and hyperlinks from multiple users to track assumptions and feedback, including ability to drill to see all relevant perspectives
  • Robust security to allow participation and review throughout the user community
  • Ability to adjust calculated values and determine independent variables through Solve and Lock
  • Unification with the budgeting and performance measurement process as part of a single integrated tool
  • Unlimited number of scenarios and side-by-side comparisons and charting.
  • Convey and share information interactively in real time
  • Expanded audit trail capabilities—users can track all changes with limitless log entries.


Forecasting module seamlessly moves from target setting to supporting, monitoring and analyzing plans. Project future performance through seeding strategy—all while capitalizing on the same common data repository, security model, and interface.

Key features:

  • Limitless number of easily comparable forecast scenarios
  • Forecasts may be in greater or lesser detail than budget or actual
  • Built-in sophisticated time-series forecasting capabilities
  • Automatic integration with historical actual data
  • Capabilities for forecasting based on standardized or historical patterns
  • Time activated data access to lock changes
  • Integrated workflow and commenting to coordinate contributions from multiple users
  • Ability to build supporting multi-dimensional or spreadsheet models for forecast components



Consolidation module allows for a shared centralized repository of data and business rules. Any changes made to the detail levels of data shows impact at the upper levels.

Key features:

  • Dynamic consolidations across any number of dimensions (Business areas, geographic locations, products, customers, market segments)
  • Unlimited numbers of consolidation levels
  • Support for any number of alternate hierarchies to support coordinated statutory and management structures
  • Ad-Hoc filtering, selections and reporting branches for “on-the-fly” consolidations and user defined reporting
  • On-the-fly scaling of numeric values so that data may be reported easily in dollars, thousands, or millions.
  • Automatic currency conversion accommodating any number of rates (period, average balance etc.)
  • Mapping for multiple charts of accounts with drill-to-source capability
  • Simple incorporation and tracking of eliminating entities and entries
  • Scriptable and triggered data mapping and reporting
  • Automatic reconciliation and error reporting


With CONTROL® customers won’t require third-party bolt-ons or supplementary point solutions to address diverse multidimensional information needs or dynamically interact with business data. Customers will get accurate, adaptable, efficient reporting functionality and both report producers and consumers to generate multiple ad hoc Views of targeted data—efficiently and accurately—in order to investigate and understand the factors driving your business. 

Key features:

  • “On-the-fly” multi-dimensional financial and operational report generation
  • User defined report formatting
    • Conditional formatting
    • Exception reporting, filtering and ranking
    • Graphs and charts
    • Embedded images
    • Ready-to-publish financial statements
    • Boardroom quality reports
  • Shareable re-usable formatting templates
    • Unlimited number of storable templates on either the database server or on local or network drives
  • Embedded hyperlinks in context
  • Granular security: Users only see data and reports they have been granted access to
  • Anyone who can see data can comment on it
    • Drillable comments
  • Prototype Reports
  • Report books
    • Auto-generated Table of Contents
  • Navigable reports using pivoting options, expand
    • Pivot and rotate
    • Slice and dice
    • Expand and compress
    • Drill down to lower level detail
    • Drill through associated models
    • Drill directly to the source—GL, A/P, A/R, etc
  • Instant ad-hoc analysis from any report layout
  • Snapshot “point in time” Views
  • Scheduled reports


CONTROL® gives the freedom to access, explore and evaluate data, inter-relationships and uncover seemingly hidden problems and opportunities—without the help of IT and in a familiar Excel based environment.

Key features:

  • Dynamic, interactive data access, aggregation, navigation and manipulation
  • On-the spot calculations
  • Unlimited filtering and sorting
  • Re-usable selection and detail via filters and branches
  • User defined exception highlighting
  • Dynamic pivot, slice & dice, compress, expand, rotate, nest, stack and graphing

Effortless drilling through dimensional detail, associated models and beyond transaction level “source”