AdremPay - Enterprise Payroll Management

In the Gulf region organisations require a comprehensive and easy to manage Payroll Software that can be easily linked with their existing ERP systems.  As Microsoft’s AX Payroll module is based on US compliances, therefore, to suit the  Payroll management needs of our GCC customers, we have developed ‘Adrem Pay’ which is built on the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform.

By usingAdrem Pay for your payroll management, paper work is going to reduce to a great extent, process employee compensation and benefits in a timely manner and the best part is we customise the package as per your requirements.

Key Features

  • Salary and benefits management
  • End of Service calculations and settlements
  • Loan and Advance management
  • Reimbursement and Claims management
  • Track Salary progressions
  • Employee Self Service Portal
  • Varied range of Payroll reports
  • GOSI setup and processes (applicable in Saudi Arabia)
  • PASI setup and processes (applicable in Oman)
  • Allowance management
  • Leave management

In addition to the above features, we specialise in catering the following features to ensure your Payroll processes are completed within the stipulated timelines:

Time and Attendance Management (TAM)

A strong and robust Payroll team would always want to ensure employee attendances are documented on time and salaries are processed without errors. Paper work and manual follow ups can definitely affect these expectations. The answer to this concern is Adrem Pay’s ‘Time and Attendance Management’ feature which can help you sync your current Time and Attendance Systems to ensure employee attendances are tracked efficiently.

Employee Documentation Management (EDM)

Find it tasking to manage passport and visa renewals, maintenance of employee documents, tracking assets issued during an employee’s tenure with the company. How about getting a one stop solution that can help you manage all these processes? Switch to Adrem Pay’s ‘Employee Documentation Management’ feature and never miss a deadline again.

Government Relations Management (GRM)

Managing visa issuance, renewals and labour matters can be time consuming and costly if not managed well. The good news is you have Adrem Pay’s ‘Government Relations Management’ feature to take care of all your government related processes. Get timely reminders and track progress for individuals on a daily basis. Now doesn’t that make your life easier?